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Understand FDA’s Latest Thinking on Major Food Allergens and Their Labeling for Foods and Dietary Supplements

Food Allergen Labeling

On November 29th, FDA issued two guidance documents regarding food allergens, including food allergen labeling: The 5th Edition Final Q&A guidance on food allergens, and the 5th Edition Draft Q&A guidance on food allergens. While the Final Guidance incorporates previously vetted questions and answers, the new Draft Guidance addresses new questions and answers including sesame, and develops responses to other new issues that have arisen since the previous edition was finalized. FDA also published a notice in the Federal Register where it is asking for comments on the draft guidance especially the definition of milk and egg.


EAS is presenting a one-hour allergen labeling webinar that will refresh stakeholders’ knowledge of the definition of allergens and their proper declaration. Learn when FALCPA and FASTER apply and when they do not. Our webinar will also provide a synopsis of the recent FDA guidances and an in-depth understanding of FDA’s current thinking on allergens and the labeling requirements, and include interesting details that are in both documents. Our webinar will be held on December 14 at 1 pm ET.