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Lab of the Future Digital Summit

The future of labs is becoming more and more “paperless” as technology advances. Folders and filing cabinets are being replaced by electronic notebooks and software programs to better organize data and make scientists’ lives easier. The Internet of Things offers many different devices which allow lab managers and staff to communicate with each other, and their equipment, from across the room or from remote locations. It’s also important for lab managers to be aware of hacking and security risks to this information, and to protect their lab accordingly. 


The Lab of the Future: Next-Level Digital Solutions & Software Digital Summit on September 15-16 will discuss topics such as LIMS, remote monitoring systems, cybersecurity, infrastructure, and the future of technology in the lab. Expert speakers will offer their experiences and advice during these webinars, and will follow up with an audience Q&A after each session.


September 15-16, 2021     


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