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International Laboratory Network holds a webinar on Iran's Achievements in COVID-19 Vaccine

IRAN's achievements in COVID-19 vaccine

This webinar was organized by the International Laboratory Network to introduce the achievements of Iranian scientists and companies in the production of the COVID-19 vaccine.

This online event was an interactive platform between experts and technologists active in the field of health and introduced Iran's achievements in the production of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Activists of prominent Iranian companies presented their experiences and achievements regarding the corona vaccine and its effectiveness and production stages.

The efforts of Iranian scientists are bearing fruit today, and several Iranian vaccines for the treatment of COVID-19 disease are undergoing clinical trials. With the help of the international Laboratory Network, these achievements were introduced internationally.

The international webinar, which was attended by more than 70 experts from 10 countries, was attended by Kayhan Azadmanesh, Director of the Research and Virology Department of the Pasteur Institute, Seyed Reza Bani Hashemi, Head of the Research and Development Department of the Vaccine and Serum Razi Research Institute, and Mohammad Taghvian, Member of the Iran Barakat Vaccine Research Group. They introduced Iran's achievements in this field.


A vaccine without serious side effects

 Mohammad Taghvian, a member of Iran Barakat Vaccine Research Group, in this online event, referring to the achievements of Shafa Pharmed Company in producing the Corona vaccine, said in the first stage, about 150 people participated in clinical trials and antibody levels were checked and the results were recorded at two-week intervals.


Following this webinar, Seyed Reza Bani Hashemi, Head of Research and Development Group of Razi Vaccine and Serum Research Institute, said In the first phase, about 133 people and in the second phase, 500 people received vaccines. in phase third, which will continue until September, more than 10,000 volunteers will receive the vaccine.


Kayhan Azadmanesh, director of the virology department at the Pasteur Institute of Iran, explained the structure of different types of current corona vaccines, examined their effectiveness and explained their advantages and disadvantages.