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This workshop will hold on 22nd December 2020 at 15-17 GMT. Dr. Benjamin J A Moulton is the speaker of this workshop.

Iranian Ceramic Society & GlassyAge Research Group holds a workshop on Raman Spectroscopy

Target Audience

Anyone interested in Raman spectroscopy and silicate glasses or glass-ceramics.

The workshop consists of 4 segments:

Dr. Benjamin J A Moulton

Dr. Benjamin J A Moulton Is a Postdoctoral Fellow in the CeRTEV group at UFSCar in São Carlos, Brazil. Dr. Moulton has worked extensively with XANES and Raman spectroscopy on glasses and mineral silicate phases. In his Ph.D., he applied these techniques to investigate the high-pressure behavior of CaMgSi2O6-CaAI2Si2O8 glasses at the University of Toronto under Prof. Grant Henderson. Since then he has focused on high temperature and crystallization studies again using these techniques (as well as Brillouin, EXAFS, 29Sİ MAS NMR, and others) mainly in the BaO-SiO2 system. Interestingly this system contains phases with hetero-connected structures similar to that found in most silicate liquids and glasses. During this time he has also looked at REE- dopants, lead and lithium silicates, and some phosphates systems.

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