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The call for Noor School Student Competition; commemoration of Ibn Razaz Jazari as well as the production and submission of 1,700 short films with the participation of more than 5,000 school students from seven countries ended and the laureates will be awarded in the upcoming event.

Participation of school students from seven countries in the 3rd round of Noor School Student Competition

MSTF Media reports; 


During the course of the competition, the school students should send their scientific works and experiments to the secretariat of Noor School Student Competition by the end of September 22. During this period, 5,122 students registered in the form of 2,183 groups while 1,733 short films were submitted to the secretariat web page. 


After the end of the call for participation in Noor School Student Competition, commemoration of Ibn Razaz Jazari, the works were sent to the referee team to be evaluated. The referees of Noor School Student Competition include experienced educators and teachers from various school student institutions. 


This round of Noor School Student Competition was participated by considerable number of students from the Islamic world countries of Iraq, Tanzania, Tunisia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkey and Iran. After the completion of the arbitration, the names of the selected will be announced on the competition website. 


The Noor School Student Competition is held once in a year as a part of Mustafa (pbuh) Science and Technology Foundation events, the purpose of which is to play a role in motivating the young generation of the Islamic world, create new horizons in the field of science and technology, and help to grow brilliant talents. 


The Noor School Student Competition, as an annual event was held by the name and honor of one of the great scholars of the Islamic world and entitled the first round as " Noor School Student Competition; commemoration of Ibn al-Haytham". It was held as the anniversary of the 1,000th year of the publication of the “Book of Optics”, by al-Haytham, well-known physicist and mathematician in the and the first scientist in the field of optical physics. The theme of the present contest which was participated by more than 4,000 school students across the country after uploading 1,650 short films, was optics and its uses. Further, 200 works were selected to be awarded. 


The theme of the second year of the competition was to recognite 2015 Mustafa (pbuh) Prize laureate, Jackie Ying. It was held in all fields of science, such as physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, astronomy or a combination of various sciences. Eventually, more than 5,000 school students sent around 2,000 films from their scientific experiments. Further, 100 selected school student groups were awarded. 


The third round of the competition was held in honor of Ibn Al-Razaz Jazari in two parts of schools and research institutes in the field of robotics. This is while, Jazari was one of the most influential scientists in the field of robotics and undoubtedly the founder of the mechanical mechanisms in the world. The call for this round of the competition was released from December 22, 2017, and ended last September. The theme was also on the production of one-minute short scientific films by school students on the construction of motor mechanisms and experiments on various topics in mechanics.